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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 6, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> hello, everybody. time for great videos and the stories behind them right this minute. this is an avalanche overtaking a ski resort. >> how can dollar happen? >> a frightening sight on the
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slopes of france. >> here looks like he is dressed in a cover all and carrying a can. >> you know that can't be a good sign and it definitely isn't. >> he lights a match and puts it on the windshield of the car and walks off. >> i never saw them when the white watch was coming. it was like perfect timing. >> surfing is hard enough, surfing while blind is impossible. this is a story we are seeing really is believing. who is the fairest of them all? let's put the stairs up to the cats and see how they react when they see themselves. they got some interesting video. that's seeing themselves for the first time. yikes. we will get started with scary images captured by cell phone. this happened at st. fran soy, a
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see resort area in france. this is an avalanche overtaking a ski lift. >> how did this happen at a ski resort? >> reports are saying they think it was caused by a higher than normal temperature. there skiers right there and people skiing right in front of the avalanche. more video caught by a cell phone. as this avalanche came through, people were on the chair lift. some of the people ended up riding all the way to higher ground and were taken to safety, but some were trapped. this video shows the rescuers coming to help people who are trapped on the chair lift and if you watch in the background, here's a chopper coming in to aid in the rescue of people. >> you were seeing the chairs getting mangled and barbed around. that's the last place i would want to be. >> check out this video that shows the chair lift still in motion as the person filming it is going up the chair lift.
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you see the path of destruction. the snow completely cleared out part of the mountain. you can see. >> you see it under negotiate. >> what's shocking about this video is the sound. they sound like they are in a celebration mood. >> because they are laughing and happy is they were not in the middle of that avalanche. >> this avalanche was 500 yards long and 26 feet deep. it caused quite a bit of destruction, but luckily there were no reports of injuries. >> this is another case of cool technology helping to catch the bad guys, but i have to warn you what we are about to see can be hard to watch. this is outside of a housing development in jamaica queens, new york. what we are seeing is a live feed of a closed circuit used by the nypd called the video enhancement sponsor the viper
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system. there is someone watching this feed and they are able to control these cameras. eventually you will see this person comes into the frame and collapses. that's 19-year-old darrell adams who was just shot. she was just wounded from a gunshot. watch this. as he is laying on the ground, two other gentlemen walk up and watch what happens. >> did they shot him? >> they're shot him again. he was killed in the incident, but watch. seconds after the two suspects shoot this guy a second time, the cops paying attention to this viper system were able to radio to an unmarked cop nearby. you can see within seconds that cop pulls up to the scene and apprehends the two guys. that's a pretty effective surveillance system. it turned out to be a 16-year-old and 19-year-old.
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both were charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession. >> teenagers killing each other. >> it's startlingow casual and guys are walking allegedly shooting him again and throwing away like it's nothing. >> a man checks the videos and look at what he sees. he sees a guy lingering around the cars parked outside of his house. he looks like he is dressed in a cover all and carrying a can. that's the video that continues. he lights the match on the windshield of the car and walks off. >> what? >> he fried to set the car on fire. the car does catch fire, but luckily the homeowner puts out the names with assistance of the firefighters. it wasn't a total loss, but the guy had no idea why this happened and these two car fist they would have exploded, they were feet from where the family
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was sleeping. oklahoma city investigators are checking into this and have no idea why this guy did this. you see the suspected arsonist give a thumbs up to the camera. he sees the camera. >> he knew he was being recorded? had this happened other places or was this the only house that was targeted? >> we spoke to the chief of police and this was a random act of vandalism. >> you can get a clear shot of this guy's face. i hope they are using this video to find this person. >> it's weird if it's random, but more scary if this guy is doing it on purpose. he might try it again. >> when you see this video you will be amazed that people were not seriously injured. this is on an icy road in columbus ohio. not one, not two, but multiple cars were sliding all over the roadway and caught on camera.
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you will see a tv camera tripod get taken out. pamust have been a case of black ice. >> that guy flipped around and started going in reverse. >> crews eventually started salting the roadway, but say there were no major injuries and people were shaken up by what happened. >> the one guy went the whole way over the curb into a yard. this guy here. almost took out a stop sign. >> that one video i found incredible was the car hit the other head on and nobody suffered a serious injury. >> this guy was lucky because as he slid, there was a tractor-trailer coming behind him and had that flagged on differently, he could have been t-boned by an 18 wheeler. >> the news cameras were there getting shot and not warning people. >> this sneaks up on you and they tell you what to do.
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sometimes it's too hard to react. how does it happen so fast? >> steer into the spin. >> yeah. . >> this car is going invezible for the environment. >> it's like a chameleon car. >> see how it's done. >> that are is super cool. >> and a stalker like no other. >> it's a turkey. >> hear the story and see the offender in action, later on right this minute.
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>> yesterday we showed you guys a video that went viral about 23-year-old robert who weighs between 600 and 700 pounds and asking for help. >> i have been on diets and been hospitalized. i have always done what i need to do at the time and i gain the weight back. i'm asking for somebody's help. >> a lot of people did respond
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to robert and one of those is chris powell, a trainer. also has a show called extreme makeover weight loss edition and helped a lot of people lose weight and overcome the challenges that robert wants to challenge. so to tell us more about it, we have chris via skype this minute. what made you reach out to robert? >> the link to his you tube video sent to my wife and i, our reaction was similar to the rest of the nation. our heart went out to him. we have our connections in the industry so we reached out to him to see what we can do to help. >> were you able to connect and talk to him? >> we shot him a quick text letting him know who we were and that we were planning to reach him. he picked up right away and we had a great first conversation. it's overwhelming where he is at, but it's a first step. >> what were the things you talked about? >> for the first time in his
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life he believed it is possible to make a change. as long as that beli is there, rafoatnananpphaen. ttis looking for. >> there is a lot of insensitivity. >> there is going to be comments, etc. it's a lack of education. she dealing with addiction and there deep rooted psychological addictions and not because he likes food. >> do you have a message for others who want help and are afraid to make that plea. >> for takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and be vulnerable and if you want to change your life, that's the step and the courage it takes. >> i cannot wait to see what happens. i'm looking forward to this transformation. i'm sure it's going to happen. >> i want to you look at this video and me what it is. >> it's like a stony beach. with a sprinkler system gone hay
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wire. >> very good guess. >> why would you need a sprinkler system on the beach. >> it's not. this is the shores of the hood canal in mason county. we are seeing water from horse plants. >> the water is coming from the clams. >> the horses known as fat gapers. >> did you know you were going to say fat gapers? >> fat gapers often at low tide or if they are disturbed spit water into the air. >> who knew that clams could spit and called fat gapers? >> only fat gapers and horse clams. the name is interchangeable. not all clams are fat gapers. >> you can make a lot of chowder.
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>> these clams are known for the good meat for chowder. >> thab may are having a spitting contest. >> i think it is a contest. . >> mercedes has a grand new fuel cell car and the best way they thought was to make it invisible. it runs on hydrogen and it's zero efficiency. basically the car is invisible to the environment. mercedes made the car invisible for this ad, but they covered the entire car in a blanket of leds. on the other side of the car, they put cameras. whatever the car sees on the other side, it broadcasts it on the opposite side. the car essentially becomes invisib invisible. whatever is on the other side of the car it broadcasts it to the opposite side.
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that is super cool. attention getting and people are like huh? >> it's like a chameleon car. >> very much. tell me you are not impressed. >> this is a great idea especially the fact that this is environmentally friendly. a brilliant idea. >> it's amazing how effective it is. >> tomorrow on right this minute. >> been down, just wishing i wasn't late this week again. >> what are does it sound like they are rapping about. they wanted to encourage fellow students to show up to school on time. that's tomorrow on right this minute. >> this is derek. he is blind and surfs like a pro. see the surfer who is have locals saying, dude! some guys apparently thought why draw a bath when you can brew a
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[ jim ] you know, that's our business. so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the status quo. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken. [ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet. no animal byproducts, no animal fat. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. it's not gonna happen. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free, and we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did, and it's what we do today. this is a hero. he was hanging out in his house on the north shore of oahu in hawaii. he got a knock on his doo
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w you to take me out and surf with me on the pipeline, the famous surf spot of the north shore of oahu, the pipeline. derek said this guy is my hero and i will give him a present. >> he said give him a hat or something. i said a hat is not good enough. i grabbed a brand-new board and gave it to him. >> the most amazing surfer in the world. >> they go out and hit the waves together. >> my goodness. >> derek is from brazil and this is his first day surfing. he has skills. this is a pro surfer. he said -- >> i tried to paddle out with him closing my eyes and i couldn't do it. i naturally needed to open my eyes. >> surfing is hard enough. i never tried, but i can imagine surfing while blind? impossible. >> i never told him when the wight watch was coming and he
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ducked at perfect timing. are you kidding me? >> he said derek said he went out the day before and wanted to surf and nobody would help him because pipeline, some of the surfers are territorial and don't want people they don't know surfing in this area. he said forget that. i'm taking him out. >> there is a stalker in michigan that is terrorizing a woman so much so that they have nicknamed him godzilla. >> it's a turkey. it's a wild turkey. a tom turkey to be exact. for about a month he has been hanging out at the front yard of 69-year-old edna guysler, taking over her territory, making it his own. it's a very aggressive turkey. he will jump at her, bite her,
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he will just not let her even come home with her own groceries. he will go at her. >> she not afraid of this guy with the broom. >> that's her friend who was called to help shoo him away so she can get into her home. this image was captured by the detroit free press. an expert told them they are generally very calm and afraid of humans. something about this one that is making him aggressive. maybe somebody fed him making him not afraid of humans. >> maybe edna dined on this turkey's brother and this turkey is back for revenge. >> this is rep bugz for years offing this and he is trying to take a stand. >> for he keeps it up, he might be the next dinner. > this is an easy way to take care of the turkey problem. very easy.
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>> about 350 in the turkey bag. no problem. >> that's what i'm saying. >> i'm supposed to remind you to go to right this there. >> hey. who is that and why are they looking at me funny? >> they are like who are you? i look good. >> i spent all morning licking myself. >> i picture purr fekt day at big cat r it is.
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made with the help of a rolling pin. >> nick, you stink. you need one of these. >> a bath? >> uh-huh. >> that's in there? a toilet? >> this group took 160 something tea bags and threw it in a hot bath. >> do you know what an irish bath is? >> tea and milk. >> the masking of offensive body odor by drenching yourself in cologne or perfume. in this case they are using a tea bath. >> like the italian shower. a couple dashes of brut. >> it doesn't work. >> looks like sewer water. >> one gets to take the odor cleansing bath. what they are doing, i have no idea. i don't know if they are being
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dudes, but this is a little odd. >> we know cats spend a lot of time grooms. they doe this to maintain healthy skin. >> they spend so much time grooming, they said let's put mirrors up to the cats and see how they react when they see themselves. they got some interesting video. some of them are like wait, who are you? what are you doing here? >> this lion is like who are you and what are you doing in my area? it would be fun fe the lions give themselves weird hairdos. i can see what he looks like. he gives hills a mohawk. >> isn't it interesting that animals can't recognize themselves in mirror. they chase after it before a get bored. >>. >> some of these cats are scared even though they are in a pin with another cat. >> it's like a stranger.
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they can't see themselves. who the heck is this person? >> the little cats use the smaller mirror cam and we didn't scare them. >> they are like i look good. i spent all morning licking myself. i look good. >> some of them want to play. she was like i want to play. come here. >> this lion absolutely has no interest whatsoever in looking at the mirror. >> that lion looks scared. >> a bad hair day. i don't need to see this. >> how did they get on the outside of the cage. that will do it for us. we have one more video for you. this is a man making giant soap bubbles. another half hour is on the way.
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